Yes. Everyone can do CrossFit regardless of age, injuries and current fitness level. The program can be modified for each athlete to help him or her become fitter and healthier. Grandparents and Olympians—and everyone in between—can perform modified versions of the same workout.
We offer an Elements class for those of you new to CrossFit. This  introductory class designed to make sure you can execute movements soundly and efficiently. You'll learn the basic movements and as you demonstrate proficiency, we'll add on appropriate intensity and complexity. Most exercises will compose of basic body weight and/or banded movements.
Elements is a small group course with one of our knowledgeable coaches. You’ll have the chance to bond with others trying CrossFit for the first time, and because it’s a small group, your coach has the opportunity get to know you and how to help you make quick progress.
We love having visiting athletes come to our facility! Our drop in rate is $10 or $25 with a shirt! Let us know you're dropping by and one of our fantastic coaches will be happy to show you around!
Please see the Membership page on our website for all prices and membership options.
Most CrossFit's are very different than a standard commercial gym. At Chalk Dirty Crossfit there are no machines you become the machine. There are no mirrors, no egos, you are in a competition with your own strength. Chalk Dirty Crossfit runs it’s programs in a group setting personalizing classes for each individual while using our CrossFit WOD methodology. 
Yes, but only if you are a current unlimited member and only during gym hours. Please be courteous while classes are in session. Please check with the coach present and follow the gym’s rules. See our Schedule page for class and gym times.
Any time you can devote to fitness is better than not doing it at all. However, our members see the most consistent results once they begin attending at least 3 classes per week. Remember Rest days are as important as Active days!!
Comfortable athletic clothes, shoes that you can run/jump/lift in, water to stay hydrated (water & other energy drinks/supplements are available), and a positive attitude! At Chalk Dirty CrossFit, we want you to have fun while also getting in the best shape of your life!
As with most things that require effort, results vary greatly by individual. Members that are very serious about making progress generally do so rapidly. By dialing in your diet and coming to classes consistently you will be surprised at how quickly you progress.